Route to Becoming an Actuary

The path to becoming an actuary involves going through a well-structured education plan. This involves university-level education and post-university examinations, as well as other requirements. Typical questions always raised by school leavers interested in actuarial science are: 1) what is the next step, and 2) what’s with the different societies/institutes? Currently, in ASM, we have many actuarial graduates in the midst of examinations from the major professional bodies stated below. Apart from passing the examinations, there are also practical experience requirements and residential courses to be attended. These ensure that actuaries are not only technically capable, but are also aware of other professional requirement such as Code of Conduct and ethical workplace behaviour. We hope the short description here would help school leavers to understand more of the different options they have. The road to being a qualified actuary is long, but incredibly rewarding!


In Malaysia, most actuaries are from one of the following actuarial bodies: