FAQs about the Actuarial Field

What are the rewards?

  • Financial – qualified actuaries have significantly higher salaries than most other professionals in the financial services industry. In addition, due to increments commonly offered for exam progress, actuarial executives can expect to outperform their peers in other sectors even before qualifying.
  • Intellectually stimulating – actuaries are rewarded for their problem solving and analytical skills. As such, job satisfaction comes from working in an intellectually stimulating and challenging environment. This encourages continual growth in one’s technical skill and ability, paving the way to involvement at senior levels of all organisations.
  • Employment opportunities – due to the constant demand for actuaries exceeding supply, there is rarely ever a shortage of demand for actuaries. Many actuaries have also successfully transitioned to other non-traditional areas such as corporate finance and investments, where their analytical and quantitative skills are highly sought after.


What are the opportunities like?

With only about a hundred qualified actuaries in Malaysia, the market for actuaries can perhaps still be considered unsaturated.


Interested to find out more?

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