FAQs about the Actuarial Field

How is the employment and remuneration in this field of study?

Relative to other professions, actuaries enjoy competitive remuneration.


What kind of support do local and foreign companies provide?

Most, if not all local and foreign companies support their actuarial students by having actuarial development programs with the following incentives:

  • Study and exam leave
  • Full/partial reimbursement on costs of study material
  • Salary increment and/or bonus upon passing of exams


How long does it normally take to complete a degree?

A normal bachelor degree spans 3 years (+1 year if you consider an Honours degree in Australia). Thereafter, completing the professional exams may take another 3-7 years (considering working full-time while studying).


What are the passing rates like?

Passing rates are generally low compared with other professions. Passing rates in the range of 15%-25% per subject are not uncommon.

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