FAQs about the Actuarial Field

What are the future prospects of actuarial profession in Malaysia?

Given the expected continuous growth in the insurance market, it is anticipated that the demand for actuaries in Malaysia will continue to grow in the next few decades.

Future regulatory developments (e.g. requirement for certification of IBNR) and the increasing need for risk management are likely to result in significant increase in demand for actuarial services by general insurers.


Which professional bodies are recognized locally?

Malaysian insurance regulator, Bank Negara Malaysia and the Actuarial Society of Malaysia (ASM) recognize Fellows of the following organizations as qualified actuaries:

  • Society of Actuaries (USA)
  • Casualty Actuarial Society (USA)
  • Faculty¬† and Institute of Actuaries (UK)
  • Institute of Actuaries of Australia
  • Canadian Institute of Actuaries


What about exams and qualifications?

The ASM does not conduct its own exams. Actuarial students in Malaysia have a choice of completing the examination modules of any of the above recognized professional bodies. The current examination structures are given in the Route to Becoming an Actuary section.

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