Society Regulation

The ASM is a self-regulated body in Malaysia registered under the Registrar of Societies.



The ASM Constitution can be downloaded here.


Professional Code of Conduct (PCC)

All ASM members are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct. The Code consists of basic ethics and principles that members are expected to abide by in carrying out their duties. The Code of Conduct (revised version effective 28 February 2014) can be downloaded here.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

All ASM Fellow members are required to fulfil a minimum number of CPD hours each year. The number of hours varies, depending on the professional role held. The CPD handbook for 2018 can be downloaded here.


Disciplinary Procedures

Disciplinary procedures have been put in place to uphold the integrity and professionalism of the society. The Disciplinary Scheme (effective 28 February 2014) can be downloaded here.